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Unlike those of most artists, Vanni Pulé's styles are fluid and versatile.  They shift from simple drawings to more elaborate mixed media abstracts.  He is continuously exploring and testing his abilities and honing his creativity.



Most of The Artist's abstract painting are executed in acrylics with a spattering of mixed media. Some of them contain elements of symbolism, other are superimposed with famous quotes to add to the meaning, sometimes whimsically, at other times sarcastically.



These are a number of studies of faces and figures, mostly, that keep The Artist in check and remind him that art is, above all craft, and that the design has to be the basis for any work of art.

Miro Girl.jpg


The Artist is obsessed with faces and figures and in this selection, most of the canvasses display the human figure in all its beauty and movement.  He also tries to capture the passion of the artists being depicted while they are executing their performances.  He feels that he has no right to tamper with the human figure and rarely is the shape of the person distorted.

Fortune in Cards.jpg

Magic-Related Art

In this section, the artist showcases some of his works,celebrating the art of magic.



Watercolours are very fresh and impulsive tools that allow the artist to go with the flow and create miniature works in a short time with no room for adjustments.

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